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Dear Health Professionals,

As Turkey Home Health and Social Services Association (EVSAD), we are feeling the joyful and honor of announcing 5th International Congress of Home Health and Social Services with “Long Term Care” main theme which we will organize on 26-28 April 2018 in Antalya.

Our congresses, which guide the studies in the fields of home health and social services, aim to contribute to the policymakers and practitioners for future by choosing the “Long Term Care” as the main theme which is a special subject given special importance in the world this year and discoursed by all authorities. Considering that there are 500 thousand people receiving care support from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, 400 thousand people receiving home health service from the Ministry of Health, 200 thousand people receiving home medical device support from SSI and 120 thousand people receiving corporate care in our country besides the rapid increase in urban population and elementary family structure in addition to the increase in the elderly population, it is inevitable to already develop solution proposals for the sustainability of the long term care in the near future.

It is aimed to introduce new perspectives and supportive opinions for innovation in our congress with the contributions of national and international speakers and the specialist scientists on subject headings such as home hemodialyses services crucial for chronicle diseases and that can be deemed as an innovation, integrated approach to home health, quality extent at home health, use of mobile technologies and reimbursement policies besides important topics such as care financing, insurance business in the care of elder people, volunteering t home health, day care, care in disadvantaged individuals, institutional care and function of local governments, and care in health tourism. In addition, with the courses and meetings to be organized, the congress shall have a rich content in all respects. In our Congress, the main framework of which is constituted by the “Long Term Care” considered as an important health problem and social problem, it shall be tried to create solution proposals for responsible institutions/persons together with national/international participants and all other stakeholders and to establish the roadmap to be followed in the service.

We are waiting for all sector stakeholders such as directors and employees of public, private and university health institutions and organizations, academicians, private health insurance representatives, directors and employees of home health departments of health institutions and organizations, representatives of medical devices/materials and drug industry, and we wish health and well-being.

Best regards.

Prof. Dr. Cevdet ERDÖL

Rector of Health Sciences University

Prof. Dr. Metin DOĞAN

Rector of Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University


General Director of Sağlık-Sen


You can find the Announcements About 5th International Congress of Home Health and Social Services here.



Within the scope of the Congress “Participation in Domestic Research Activities Support” is given to Young Researchers by TUBITAK




Applications to courses will begin on February 14, 2018.




Yönetmeliğin Faaliyet ve Puan Tablosu 8 nolu (Tebliğ) maddesinde yer alan davetli konuşmacı, sözlü veya poster bildiri sahipleri Akademik Teşvik Puanından yararlanabileceklerdir.


26-28 April 2018 ANTALYA


The 5th International Congress of Home Health and Social Services Congress will be held at Silence Beach Resort Hotel Hotel, Antalya on April 26 to 28, 2018.


5th International Congress of Home Health and Social Services
Official Website.